Advanced Organizations: The Global Stepping Stones to the Mecca

Advanced Organizations: The Global Stepping Stones to the Mecca

To dramatically speed progress of parishioners up the Scientology Bridge to the Mecca in Clearwater, Mr. Miscavige has inaugurated a program to establish Advanced Organizations in every continent. As the title implies, these organizations open wide the gateway to the highest Scientology levels. As Advanced Organizations already stand in the United States, Europe, United Kingdom and Australia, Mr. Miscavige directed the acquisition and construction of new advanced facilities for all other continental zones.

As but another indication of the Church’s meteoric growth: In the previous five decades there had been four Advanced Organizations; while in just the last eighteen months, there now stand three more Advanced Organizations in the making. Thus, here is what will soon complete Scientology’s global staircase to eternity.

Kyalami Castle, sitting between Johannesburg and Pretoria on old Zulu lands know as the Place in Heaven, will be home to the new Advanced Organization in Africa.

The new Advanced Organization of Latin America

Advanced Organization Africa

Acquired in 2008, the many-turreted Kyalami Castle is the future home of the Advanced Organization in Africa. It is set on 22 acres between Johannesburg and Pretoria and locally known as the “Place in Heaven.” The facility is ideally suited to provide advanced Scientology religious services, with perfectly appointed rooms for study and spiritual counseling and a great hall to accommodate more than 1,000 at Scientology events and seminars. It also features guest rooms and restaurants which will ultimately provide the ideal setting for African Scientologists to ascend the Scientology Bridge to spiritual freedom.

Advanced Organization Canada

Announced in June 2009, the Church acquired an idyllic property less than 30 minutes from the Toronto airport. Here will stand the Advanced Organization for Canadian parishioners and Canada’s Continental Liaison Office to coordinate Scientology expansion and social betterment programs. Formerly an inn and conference center, the facility consists of five separate buildings totalling 159,400 square feet on 190 acres

Advanced Organization Latin America

Also announced in June 2009 is the newly acquired Palmas Plaza in Las Lomas, an area of Mexico City. The property comprises 254,000 square feet and will house not only the Advanced Org but also the Continental Liaison Office for Latin America. With seven Churches in Mexico, as well as Churches and Missions throughout South and Central America, this Advanced Org will serve the growing needs of 21 countries. The facility will additionally provide accommodations for parishioners—a necessity for out-of-town Scientologists participating in Advanced Organization services.