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A Freedom Special Report


Select the caption you like the most:
“I wrecked my career writing about you and that’s the thanks I get?”
Lawrence Wright and Paul Haggis star in Crash of the Apostates.
Oops. A Wright wrong turn crashes into Haggis’s career plans.

Many people will tell you they only read The New Yorker for the cartoons. Hence, it’s only fitting to close this special edition of Freedom in tribute to that most venerable of New Yorker traditions—a Cartoon Caption Contest. Freedom asked our staff artists and writers to come up with the appropriate cartoons and captions inspired by Lawrence Wright, Paul Haggis and the rest of the apostate “Posse.” And to get everyone in on the act, we invite you, the reader, to vote for your favorite captions on each of the cartoons above. We also welcome our readers to send in a caption for any one of the cartoons.

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